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Scared to Love

September 18, 2010

We live in a scared society. Scared to tell one another how we really feel. Scared to tell one another what we really want. Scared to share our hopes. Scared to share our dreams. Scared of being ourselves. Scared to love. Scared to hurt. Scared of rejection. Scared of people seeing who we really are.

How many of your day-to-day interactions could you call authentic? For many of us, it’s very few. Most of the time we interact on a very superficial level. All we see is the public face – a mask people wear to tell the world, “Hey! Everything’s okay! Nothing to see here, I’m doing just fine!”

The really sad part about that is that we buy into that little act. We figure we’d better pretend to have our own lives together so we appear “good enough” by whatever ludicrous standard that’s measured by, and proceed to put on a little act of our own. Others see our act, catch the inferiority complex, and jump on the bandwagon. Pretty soon we’re all faking our way through life pretending that everything is just peachy.

Never mind that everywhere you look, people are crying inside for connection, acceptance, understanding, and love. Don’t believe me? Swing past and check out the sheer magnitude of the self-help and psychology section next time you’re in a book store or the local library. Still think you’re not surrounded by people who feel lonely, unloved, unworthy, and desperate to be accepted?

Do you really think that the majority of the people you come across are happy all the time, have it all together, are not wanting for anything, are never lonely, and never cry? Do you think they never feel out of control, fear they’re not good enough, feel self-conscious or doubt themselves? Do you really think that what you’re seeing is the whole truth of their lives?

You don’t need me to answer that for you.

If you look only with your eyes, you’ll never see what’s right in front of you.

Most of us have been acting so long we can no longer see that we’re the ones perpetuating the very facade that reinforces our own emotional prison. So stop looking. Start feeling.

We all feel. We all love. We all dream. We all hurt. We’re all scared. Do you want to be an actor your whole life? Or is it time for the curtain to fall on your play so you can start living your reality?

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