January 11, 2009

When I started Climb the Rainbow back in late 2007, I shared my story to help other women identify domestic violence in their own lives and help provide the strength and support they needed to leave. As time went on, I realised I could do more than that.

Many women don’t leave an abusive relationship because they fear being alone. They don’t know what life after their relationship holds. Having hit rock bottom with my own self-esteem and relationships, I made the commitment to myself to eliminate negativity from my life and rebuild it from scratch – the way I had always wanted it to be. One year on, I’ve done exactly that.

But let’s rewind for just a moment here and let me be perfectly honest with you. I was incredibly lonely when I left my abusive relationship. I was teary, sullen, withdrawn, had few friends, an unsatisfying job, no goals, no motivation, no hobbies, limited social skills, no life, and was teetering precariously on the brink of depression. Fast forward to January 2009, and you wouldn’t pick me as the same person.  I’m friendly, bubbly, and always smiling. I’m surrounded by a loving family and many wonderful friends. I’ve traveled, achieved many personal goals, I exercise regularly, became a vegan, graduated from university as valedictorian, and landed my dream job straight out of university. Most importantly, I’m much happier within myself, and I’m striving every day to make my life better and better.

If I can completely turn my life around in the space of one year, I guarantee you that you can do it too. No matter how isolated or socially incompetent you feel right now (trust me, I was!), you can change your life into one that you enjoy getting up to each morning.

I began blogging about my experiences to help other women rebuild their own lives. This blog is also a personal milestone for me. It is my journey of discovering my own inner beauty and self-worth. It is my way of challenging my biggest fear – allowing myself to be vulnerable again. I hope by sharing my own journey, I encourage you to start building the life you deserve to be living. A life filled with love and friendship; a life after domestic violence.

January 2009