About Me

January 26, 2009

I’m a twenty-six year-old woman from Brisbane, Australia.

I’m interested in relationships and intrigued by what creates and maintains the bonds between people. In particular, I’m interested in helping people create positive relationships with partners, friends, and themselves.

I’m also an ex-domestic violence victim, so I have a particular interest in helping women escape abusive relationships, understand themselves, and discover the root of attraction that keeps them locked into the cycle of abuse.

I founded Climb the Rainbow in 2007 to share my story of domestic violence in order to help other women identify domestic violence in their lives and help provide the strength and support they needed to leave.

I began blogging about my experiences to help other women rebuild their own lives. This blog is a personal milestone for me. It is my journey of discovering my own inner beauty and self-worth. It is my way of challenging my biggest fear – allowing myself to be vulnerable again. I hope by sharing my own journey, I encourage you to start building the life you deserve to be living. A life filled with love and friendship; a life after domestic violence.