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30 Day Trial Updates

November 8, 2009

No Caffeine and More Sleep Update

Excluding caffeine from my diet has been great. I actually feel more alert through the day without caffeine. I get tired naturally at around the same time every night since I’m not screwing with my body chemistry.

I’ve slipped up a couple of times with the sleep part of the trial. I’ve broken the 10pm curfew few times, but I’m not concerned about that. Now that I’m in the habit I’m less stringent about the time. I’ve established that getting up every day at the same time helps with my sleep pattern more than the going to bed at a set time.

Socially, going to bed at 10pm on weekends is inconvenient at best. For the sake of social conformity, I’ll consciously be upsetting my sleep patterns from time to time. On the other hand, I’m enjoying going to bed earlier through the week. I feel more energetic, alert, and happier throughout my work day since I’m no longer struggling with tiredness. My memory also seems to be improving.

Be On Time for Everything Update

This one has been hard. I’ve failed miserably at this 30 day trial. I haven’t managed more than three days in succession. I’ve run for the train a few times, and I’m still late for parties.

Negativity aside, there has certainly been in an improvement. My average lateness for parties is about 30 minutes now as opposed to over two hours. I’m also rarely more than a couple of minutes late for small social occasions.

I noticed some great benefits on the days that I’m on time. I take the time to observe my surroundings more closely because I’m not too busy sprinting past them. I feel centered, unflappable, and find myself being drawn into and enjoying the present moment. My mornings no longer consist of me rushing around madly and flooding my body with stress hormones. I’m more focused, productive, and happier.

Being on time for 30 days is too much for me at this time. I’m going to scale the challenge back to seven days for now. Even seven is more than double what I’ve managed so far, so it will still certainly be a challenge for me. I think I need to flex those self-discipline muscles a little more before I take on 30 days of this!

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  1. Taz, I’m so glad to see you’re finding such success with your sleeping habits. And your discipline with caffeine is a thing to behold. Keep it going!


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