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How to Impress Women for Free

February 3, 2009
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There are a couple of qualities in a man that will make him stand out from the crowd and have a lasting impression on me. Those two things are respect and good manners.

I used to work closely with a young man who was the epitome of polite. His manners were so impeccable that I even looked forward to riding the lift with him. He would put his arm in the door to make sure it didn’t close on me, give me a big smile and insist ‘after you.’ If we were walking together, he would take a couple of strides ahead of me, hold the door open, and then follow me though. I don’t think it ever even crossed his mind to walk through a door before me.

Unfortunately, this man was an exception to the rule. Ladies, how many of you have been out with a man who barges through doors without even looking back? (And how many of you fantasised about it swinging back and hitting him in the head? 😉 ) What about a guy who picks you up for a date and opens the car door for you? Chivalry is a refreshing change, isn’t it?

How much do you think that the man referred to above spent to make such a strong impression on me? I think the grand total was something like…zero dollars, zero cents, and about three minutes of his time. Not exactly a huge upfront investment for such a favourable impression.

It’s really not that difficult for a man to stand out from the competition. Most men are clueless about how much of an impression showing respect and good manners can have on women. Here’s a quick list of things men have done that impressed me:

Tips to Impress Women For Free!

  1. If you are approaching a door when walking beside a woman, open it for her properly. Properly does not entail walking through the door first and reaching back on tip-toe to hold it open. This makes you look like an ungainly ballerina. Not sexy.
  2. When a woman is getting into a car, open the door for her and shut it after she gets in.
  3. When exiting a lift with a woman, it doesn’t matter if you are closer to the door. Smile and say ‘after you’.
  4. If you are picking a woman up in your car and can’t be bothered making the five-metre trek to her car door, at least reach over the seat and open the door for her.
  5. If you are dropping a woman home, don’t drive away until she is safely inside her house. You do care about her safety, don’t you?
  6. If a woman is leaving your house, she’s made the effort to come over and spend time with you. Show her the courtesy of walking her to her car, and wait until she is safely in it before you leave.
  7. If a woman has an uncoordinated moment and drops something, pick it up for her. It’s a bit harder to reach the ground when you’re in heels and a skirt.

Ladies, if you have any more suggestions please email them to me and I’ll add them to the list. The only catch is they have to be free! We have to cut the guys some slack sometimes!

A note to gentlemen on a budget looking to impress women: do this for her friends too. Women talk a lot. Use the fact to your advantage. 😉

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