Assert Yourself – You’re a Woman, Not a Wimp

February 5, 2012

Self-esteem typically enters a trough as you fumble your way through those formidable teenage years on your journey to womanhood. If you’re fortunate, your self-esteem develops in it’s own time as you mature and become comfortable in your own skin. Unfortunately, many women enter their twenties and beyond feeling every bit as awkward as they […]


Dealing with Jealousy in a Relationship

September 30, 2011

At first, it seems fairly innocuous. You’ve just started dating. You love each other’s company. You want to spend every moment together. It’s mutual. It’s normal. You feel so special, because your new guy wants to spend all of his time with you. Then it starts. Relationship Jealousy: The Red Flags You notice that he […]


Judging Others is Judging Yourself

May 26, 2011

Last year I met an interesting boy. Every time I saw him, he was wearing the same clothing. Same shirt. Same jeans. Same shoes. I didn’t know why, but it bothered me. I could have cared less about the boy’s wardrobe and his dress sense, so why did it irk me? Eventually, I realised that […]


Assertion and Popularity

April 28, 2011

I recently met a young hippie Brazilian woman whom I admired. It wasn’t because she had a luscious mane of thick, curly hair with volume I could only dream about (even with five bottles of super-hold mousse and an industrial-strength hairdryer). It wasn’t because she had fabulous abs and muscle tone to die for. It […]


Why A Relationship Won’t Make You Happy

April 19, 2011

Are you single right now and feel as though something is missing in your life? Do you think once you find that perfect person, that void will disappear and life will be bliss? Would all of your problems be solved if you could just find “The One”? It would be nice if finding the right […]


Relationship Reasoning

March 5, 2011

I took a sip of my soy chai latte as I listened to the woman sitting across from me. She was attractive – long hair, lovely figure, bright eyes, and a big smile. It wasn’t just her looks though. She was vivacious, bouncy, and friendly. This woman was smart and motivated. She had many interests […]


Why Nice Girls Love Bad Boys

January 14, 2011

Ever wondered why bad boys get laid so often, while nice guys get kicked to the curb? What is it about that guy you know is a no-hoper, but seems to be a total chick magnet? Enter the Bad Boy He’s that guy with the tattoos and piercings everywhere. The foul-mouthed smart-arse who says exactly […]


A New Direction

September 20, 2010

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” – Mother Teresa I used to think anti-war and pro-peace were the same thing. They are not. “Pro-peace” means in favour of peace. “Anti-war” […]


Inferiority Complex? Change Your Perspective

August 26, 2010

Feeling inferior is simply a result of your perception that you can’t live up to your own expectations or the expectations of other people. It’s paralysing, gnaws at your self-esteem, and is a downright unpleasant feeling to have around. Inferiority complexes are common among abuse victims because of the constant reinforcement that they are not […]


How to be Attractive

May 29, 2010

Be yourself. End of post. Just joking. Well, about the end of the post anyway. Not about the content. There is something inherently attractive about a person who conveys that they are comfortable in their own skin. The way they think, speak, and act says loud and clear “I don’t care what you think of […]