Domestic Violence Articles

January 11, 2009

Types of Domestic Violence

When most people think of domestic violence, they imagine a cowering woman being beaten by her partner. This is physical abuse, but domestic violence occurs in many other forms, including emotional, sexual and financial…read more

The Domestic Violence Cycle

The domestic violence cycle involves 6 stages: build-up, stand-over, explosion, remorse, pursuit, and honeymoon. Not all stages are present in every situation…read more

Supporting an Abuse Victim

Supporting a domestic violence victim can be difficult and confusing.You should know that for a victim to confide in you, they have trusted you enough to tell you something very personal and very painful. That is a huge step for them to take, and they are reaching out for your help. Your friendship and support obviously means a great deal to them…read more

Escaping Domestic Violence

If you are considering leaving an abusive partner, have an escape plan and don’t half-arse it. If you feel as though you can’t escape due to finances, forget it. Cut your losses and get the hell out of there. All the money in the world won’t mean a thing if you are dead. If you never have to see him again, any amount was money well spent…read more

Covering Your Tracks

Domestic violence perpetrators tend to be insecure and paranoid. If you are thinking about leaving an abusive partner, raising their suspicion could put you in danger…read more

Protecting Yourself

Your primary concern should be for your and your children’s safety. Counselors will immediately question you regarding your safety and whether your abuser knows where you are. If there is no one you can stay with, go to a women’s shelter…read more

Share Your Story

Have you been in a violent relationship? How did your situation make you feel, and what finally gave you the strength to leave?…read more

Useful Links

Counseling & support, crisis & helpline numbers, domestic violence resources…read more