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I Don’t Believe in Love

September 23, 2010

“Inside every cynical person, is a disappointed idealist” – George Carlin

I had a thought-provoking discussion with a friend about Love last night. He’s one of the world’s beautiful souls who just exude Love, connection, and positivity. So much so, that I really should have expected the deep-and-meaningful discussion that ensued when I blurted out that I wasn’t capable of loving someone quickly.

Especially since it was a load of cynical, egocentric rubbish.

I really like being right. Especially when it comes to relationships, and doubly so when it pertains to my own. So when my friend simply asked “why not?”, it bothered me to realise that the grand premise of my argument was, “because I don’t believe I can”.

On what evidence had I based this belief in love scarcity? None. My belief was simply a result of hearsay that I’d accepted as fact. A string of anecdotes from people well-versed in socially conditioned scarcity thinking. Sensible people who said it wasn’t possible to give and receive love quickly; that real love needed time to build and grow.


Love is a choice; not a function of time, effort, and social convention.

My heart can love quickly and easily; my head constantly reins in my feelings to protect myself from being hurt. How many of you do the same? How many times have you squashed your heart’s feelings with fear-based reasoning and flawed logic?

Let’s focus on something a little less abstract for a moment: your income. Do you make a million dollars per year? No? Well, don’t distress. Neither do the majority of other people on the planet. It’s an impossible amount for most of us.

Or is it?

Of course it’s not impossible! Plenty of people have already proven otherwise. While it may well be true that you currently lack the insight, imagination, or experience to make a million dollars per year, that doesn’t mean you CAN’T do it. “I can’t” is a self-imposed limiting belief.

Love is no different. If 99.9% of the population tell you that you can’t experience Love quickly, does that make it fact? Just because other people hold a limiting belief about Love doesn’t mean that you have to adopt it as your own.

“I can’t” is a lie.

Ditch your disempowering mindsets. Listen to your heart when it whispers, “I can”.

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  1. I choose to love this post. 🙂

  2. Cheers Matty, and thanks for stopping by!

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