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Why Are Women So Obnoxious?

May 3, 2009

As much as I like to rant about the lack of chivalry in the general male population today, I must admit there is one area in which men beat us ladies hands down.

I’m sure you’ve had those times in the street where you’ve had to walk out of your way to avoid colliding with another person. Next time you’re in busy public place, observe the interactions between people approaching one another.

In my experience, men tend to be courteous when walking towards women and towards each other. Men will give approaching men plenty of space. How often do you see men doing the Awkward Foot Shuffle where they both try to walk the same way, pull back, try the other way, pull back, try the original way again, and mumble their apologies whilst looking at the ground before finally going around one another? I don’t see it often.

How about if a man and woman are walking towards one another? In general, men also give women a wide berth, allowing the woman to continue in a straight line along her merry way. Any man who refuses to comply with the aforementioned behaviour inevitably finds himself locked in the Awkward Foot Shuffle with the irritated woman, mumbling an apology whilst receiving a disparaging look from the huffy female.

So what if two women are walking towards one another? Ha! Sit back and wait for the fireworks! Neither woman will actually *change* her path. Women will walk directly towards one another, both pretending not to see the other until the very last microsecond, at which time they will angle their shoulders and bags slightly to avoid a collision. This collision avoidance technique doesn’t work particularly well, and both women can usually be heard exclaiming their disapproval and looking daggers over their shoulders at the other woman.

Watch for it next time you’re out. It’s an interesting spectacle to behold.

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