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7 Great Reasons for Being Single

February 1, 2009

It didn’t matter how many times I told my friend I had no plans to date for a long time. She would predictably rattle off the same old question, ‘So, have you found yourself a man yet?’ before she even said hello. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

But seriously, what is it about being female that makes a significant portion of the population assume that you must have an insatiable desire to be part of a couple at all times? I’m sure if you’ve been a single and fabulous lady for some time, you’ve become acutely aware of this relationship status double-standard.

It’s widely accepted for men to covet, encourage and celebrate bachelorhood. Whenever I dared to break the status quo and voice my appreciation of my ‘sassy single’ status and my desire to stay that way for some time, I got mixed reactions. Men in general were supportive. Women gave me quizzical looks. Those a few decades my senior insisted that one day it would happen. One day I’d want someone.

Well, duh. But why not celebrate being single while you can? ‘One day’ didn’t have to translate into right now!

There were many things about being single that my external world just didn’t seem to appreciate. I liked doing my own thing where and when I wanted. I liked having all the time in the world to pursue my own interests. I liked staying out until all hours of the morning without having an anxious or paranoid boyfriend harp on about it in my ear when I got home. Of course if you’re in a healthy relationship, that last one won’t be a problem for you – but you knew that.

So, in my personal little battle against the status quo, I thought I’d make up a quick list of what rocks about being single.

Reasons to Be Single

1.    It’s easier to meet new people when you’re single
2.    It gives you a chance to grow alone and find yourself
3.    You have more time. You can use that time to work other important relationships, pursue your hobbies, focus on your career, develop your talents, and any other activities you enjoy.
4.    You find strengths within yourself that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen.
5.    You don’t have to compromise with anyone.
6.    You aren’t concerned about overstepping a partner’s moral boundary when dealing with the opposite sex.
7.    You develop a greater sense of security within yourself when you learn that your happiness depends on you, not on another person’s love.

Don’t go getting yourself into a relationship just because everyone else seems to be doing it, or you’re getting pressured from ‘well-meaning’ family and friends. Do it when you’re emotionally secure and the time is right for you. Until then, being single is the ultimate freedom. It’s all about you, all the time. There is no compromise. Enjoy it!

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